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Bikini bottoms guide page


Bikini Bottoms

Tezenis has designed perfect bikini bottoms for every woman! Dive into the wide range of swimwear: brightly coloured with trendy patterns. Designed for you, as well as high-waisted bikini bottoms and Brazilian bikini bottoms, Tezenis can also offer a large number of bottoms with bows and laces. Have fun collecting them all and show off your style and beauty!

Size Conversion Size Hips Circumference in cm Waist Circumference in cm
XS 1 86-90 63-67
S 2 91-95 68-72
M 3 96-100 73-77
L 4 101-105 78-82
XL 5 106-110 83-87
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1. WAIST: The circumference of the waist, between the hips and the ribs, should be measured standing up, at the narrowest point, with the abdomen relaxed and breathing normally.

2. HIPS: The circumference of the hips should be measured standing up, at the widest point at the top of the buttocks, keeping the measuring tape horizontal.

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guide_image Bikini Bottoms

Tezenis can offer a wide selection of bikini bottoms. High-waisted pin-up style bikini bottoms are perfect for you if you want to emphasise the beauty of your curves and you would like bottoms with sophisticated retro-chic charm. If you don't want to give up on the perfect tan and fancy a truly exclusive beach outfit, Brazilian bikini bottoms are the ones for you! If you would like comfort and practicality, choose our simple bikini briefs with or without bow fastenings.

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