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Swimwear Collection

with Recycled Microfibre

This collection's microfibre contains a certified recycled yarn, made from the reworking of recycled plastic bottles.
The recycling of waste, permits us to give a new life to the material, minimizing the environmental impact.


Here's how the recycled microfibre of our swimwear collection is made:

  • Collection and sorting of plastic bottles

  • Production, washing and drying of the PET fragments, removing the contaminants.

  • Melting of fragments to convert into a yarn

  • Quality check for the new recycled yarn


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Did you know?

  • 🌍 Every year we produce about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste.

  • ♻️ At least 8 million tonnes of plastic go into our oceans.

  • 🌱 The microfibre used in this swimwear collection is made from a certified recycled yarn.

  • 💚 The weight of the recycled yarn of a bikini equals to about 5 half litre plastic bottles.

  • 🔋The processing of this microfibre requires less energy and less water compared to the virgin microfibre, reducing the environmental impact and the use of natural resources.

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