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Tezenis gives wasted materials a second life, transforming them into new items in recycled lace. +

The polyamide of the lace of these products is made with 100% recycled yarn deriving from the re-processing of industrial waste. It is a polyamide yarn created from the reworking of PRE CONSUMER nylon waste, i.e. textile waste that has not yet reached the final consumer. In Tezenis, we consider this process valuable and important, as it recovers material that would otherwise be considered wasted; giving it new life and therefore decreasing its environmental impact.
Nylon is a synthetic fibre but it offers this important characteristic: if collected correctly, it can be recycled without loss of quality in the yarn produced. Thanks to this feature we were able to purchase the lace for the creation of these new products, which were packaged in our factories in Serbia and Sri Lanka.

A bra style for every need: discover the new Rome, Prague and Paris styles.
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