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Which type of knitwear best suits your look? Modern, sporty, cosy or classic cut? There are so many women's knitwear options waiting for you at Tezenis: made of cotton, stretch fabrics or viscose. Or if you prefer a more casual look with a street-style flavour, don't forget to add a sweatshirt to your wardrobe, an essential for every season. Plain-coloured or patterned, with zips and hoods, with lettering, choose which one you want to wear! Make your style unique: be surprised by the wide range of knitwear and sweatshirts.


1. BREAST: Put the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts, making sure it adheres to the body and is level at the back.

2. WAIST: The circumference of the waist, between the hips and the ribs, should be measured standing up, at the narrowest point, with the abdomen relaxed and breathing normally.

3. HIPS: The circumference of the hips should be measured standing up, at the widest point at the top of the buttocks, keeping the measuring tape horizontal.

Size Conversion Size Conversion Size Breast circumference in cm Waist Circumference in cm Hips Circumference in cm
S/M S 38/40 84-88 68-72 91-95
M 42/44 89-93 73-77 96-100
L 46/48 94-98 78-82 101-105
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guide_image Short-Sleeved Tops

Unique in its simplicity, able to express maximum femininity and an essence of style, the T-shirt is an essential item of clothing and a must-have in any women's wardrobe. Round-neck or V-neck, in cotton, viscose, stretch cotton or linen. White, plain-coloured, multicoloured, patterned, printed or embellished with patches or sequins, elegant, casual or sporty. If you're still undecided, choose one for every day of the week, there are so many designs and variations available at Tezenis!

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guide_image Long-Sleeved Tops

Tezenis offers a large selection of long-sleeved tops. Round-neck, boat-neck, V-neck and polo-neck, made of stretch cotton, viscose or yarn. From slim-fitting to a relaxed fit: our proposals can meet the demands of everyone! Plain-coloured, multicoloured, with prints and stylish details, Tezenis long-sleeved tops are perfect for creating glam and trendy outfits. And if you like kimonos, don't miss out on our super glam selection!

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guide_image Jumpers & Cardigans

Jumpers and cardigans are essential pieces in every woman's wardrobe, for creating impeccable outfits. Extraordinarily versatile, Tezenis jumpers and cardigans will allow you to experiment with endless combinations. Round-neck, V-neck or polo-neck, with a button fastening, cropped, oversize or slim fit. Pair them with jeans or jeggings for a casual style. If you're looking for a glam-chic style however, choose one of our skirts. There are so many Tezenis outfits!

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guide_image Sweatshirts

Printed or plain, hooded, with or without a zip: Tezenis has a lot of designs, perfect for giving your days a cosy touch. Choose Tezenis sweatshirts to finish off your look and make it unique: Tezenis offers you the right mix of casual style and sporty comfort. Tezenis sweatshirts are perfect for a "gym and the city" look.

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