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Cardigans and Sweaters

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Cardigans and Sweaters

Looking for a way to always be in style even in winter? Discover women’s sweaters and elegant cardigans from Tezenis: so many designs and colors for a glamorous or casual look for every occasion!

Choose the perfect tights

The first thing to consider in the choice of women’s tights is their opacity: Tezenis offers a wide selection of deniers to guarantee the best suited opacity for each occasion and season! Choose sheer and super sheer in spring and summer months for your most glamorous evening outfits. Wear opaque or thermal tights to protect you from the winter cold without ever giving up a truly cool and trendy style!

Stockings and Over-the-Knee Socks

Not a huge fan of tights and thigh highs? Tezenis stockings and over-the-knee socks are the ideal solution for you! Our stockings, sheer or in microfiber, are perfect to wear throughout the most demanding and frenetic days. Over-the-knee socks have become a real fall and winter fashion accessory: discover all the Tezenis designs to give a casual and collegiate touch to your outfits!

Colors and patterns

Can never decide between black and flesh tones? Black is always the safest choice and suited for every occasion, while nude is perfect to hide imperfections. Choose the shade best suited to your skin tone to avoid a too-dark or doll effect. For more extravagant and individualized looks, opt for mesh designs or dotted patterns or stripes: you will only find such trendy styles from Tezenis!

Complete your look

Wear Tezenis tights and over-the-knee socks with mini dresses or swing mini skirts for a super trendy look, or wear them under long sweaters for a more casual style. Apart from the design you choose, the right hosiery can make all the difference: combine the right color based on your clothes and shoes to always be in fashion. Take a look at the rest of our women’s collection for a fabulous Tezenis total look!

29 items
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