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Long Pajamas

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Long Pajamas

A must-have piece in every woman’s sleepwear wardrobe, long pajamas are perfect to snuggle in before going to sleep! Discover the Tezenis collection of women’s long pajamas: so many designs, fabrics, colors and patterns to be trendy and in fashion even while relaxing at home!

Why choose Tezenis long pajamas

Comfort and style are the words in order for this Tezenis collection: softness, comfort, and the optimum blend of quality and price are the main characteristics that distinguish our long pajamas. Tezenis offers you so much choice from styles at a great price without having to compromise quality and style!

It is impossible to not find the ideal design

The rich collection of Tezenis women’s long pajamas truly offers so much choice of fabrics and designs. Available in soft cotton, lace, satin or fleece, we have created the perfect pajamas for every season! The different styles are designed to satisfy everyone’s needs. What are you waiting for? Be inspired by our selection and wrap yourself up in Tezenis long pajamas.

Colors and patterns perfect to stay at home

If you too enjoy being comfortable after a long day but without giving up style, you’re in the right place! Be won over by the originality of Tezenis long pajamas in allover patterns, with fun prints, multi-colored, or solid colors for a trendy and fashionable look even for sleeping! If you want to change your look, have fun mixing and matching and create the most diverse combinations. Make the most of style with women’s long pajamas and add a touch of glam to your sleepwear wardrobe!

Choose the correct size

Wearing comfortable pajamas with the ideal fit is essential to making the most out of enjoying your downtime. Not sure which size to choose? Consult the Tezenis size guide to choose the perfect long pajamas for you! And if you have other questions, our customer service is always available.

22 items