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Tezenis has succeeded in imposing its sales approach on the market. A solid franchise with a large network based on stores with a new, alternative image: background music, large store space, reminiscent of an American loft, brushed concrete floors, huge fans whirring in the ceiling and products all around the walls.

Moreover, the Tezenis Franchising agreement is in full compliance with the law of the National Regulatory Association.

Full backup

Tezenis will assist you before and after the opening of your store with its highly qualified and experienced staff. Area/District Managers (1 person every 6 shops on average) will regularly visit your store to provide assistance and advise you, in accordance with the company’s policy.

Technology at your service

Thanks to a sophisticated IT system, day by day you can systematically restock items in your store. Your computer will enable you to monitor real time sales statistics, check stock availability and quickly communicate with the headquarters via e-mail.

Tezenis a strong reputation

Tezenis was launched in September 2003, near Verona, in Italy, with the aim of creating a business in the sale of underwear, homewear and pyjamas for men, women and children, through a franchising sales network. Since 2003, Tezenis has opened more than 190 stores mainly in Italy and in Europe. The success of Tezenis is due to a number of factors: prime locations, a huge range of products, very competitive prices and sales techniques with innovative merchandising.

A successful strategy

Tezenis helps you get close to customers by choosing only prime locations in the very centre of the town, in pedestrian or prominent trading areas and inside busy shopping malls, in towns with at least 50.000 inhabitants. The optimum size of stores is 200 square metres.

A profitable investment

Tezenis guarantees suitable technical and practical training to open and launch your retail business: our training programme includes a theoretical preparatory course, directly managed by the company, followed by a period of apprenticeship in the training-store nearest to you, to help you better understand the range of articles available and sales organisation.

About 1,000,00 euros per square metre for furniture and furnishing (including store design, transport and assembly), payable 30 days end of month;
The I. T. system can be rented, with the payment of a monthly fee for each cash register.
From about 60,000,00 to 90,000,00 euros for plant products, payable in three instalments at 60/90/120 days end of month.

Guarantee required

100,000,00 euros bank guarantee made out to Calzedonia to cover contractual obligations, provided before the store opening.