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Pajamas and Nightwear

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Pajamas and Nightwear

For a good night’s sleep, you need a good pair of pajamas! Our women’s nightwear is just the thing you need for a late movie night or a lazy Sunday morning. In the best and brightest of colors and patterns, our sleepwear is a blast!


In the summer when the nights are as hot as the days, opt for our nightwear in cotton, silk or satin. The lightweight materials will slip across your skin, sitting comfortably while they provide you with some relief from the heat. In winter, viscose, and fleece are sure to keep you warm. Regardless of the season, we have the sleepwear to keep you in comfort all year round.


If your style is glam during the day, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that in the evenings. Our mix of printed, patterned, and plain pajamas will have you struggling to choose only one! From cute florals to bold motifs and quotes, you can mix and match your PJs to create some crazy combos. Or, for a coordinated look, purchase our sets of matching pajamas so all the hard work has been done for you already.


Our women’s sleepwear is so soft and comfy, it can easily become your daywear as well! Wake up and throw on a robe on the weekends, to spend the rest of your day in maximum coziness. Or slip into one of our snug sets after a long day of work or a bubble bath. Our nightwear collection guarantees you the comfort and care you deserve.


For a fabulous look from head-to-toe, shop Tezenis for your whole outfit: underwear and outerwear! Wear our panties and bras under your pajamas for the same quality and style that you exude on the outside. Looking for the final touch? A sweatshirt is just the thing.