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You have 15 days to change your mind and request a return on The returned items must be sent back in a single shipment. You'll be refunded via the payment method you originally used to make your purchase once your items have arrived to our warehouse and your return has been approved. Please see our returns policy under article 8 of the General Conditions of Sale for more information.

Courier return
  • Is courier return free of charge?

    Return by courier is always free of charge.

  • How long do I have to return my items?

    You have up to 15 days from delivery to change your mind and make your return request. Please keep in mind that all items must be returned in a single shipment. You can learn more about the return policy in our Conditions of sale under article 8.

  • How can I return my online order?

    On you have the opportunity to return the products with the carrier. Follow the steps below:
    If you want to return the products in an Tezenis shop, just follow these steps:
    1 If you placed the order with an account, go to your order history. If you placed the order as a guest visit "Follow your order/return" to access your return form.
    2 Complete the return request online. Within 24h of the return request confirmation, your return label will be generated in the "Follow your order/return" section under "Return".
    3 Download and print the return label and attach it to the return parcel. Contact UPS at 1-888-742-5877 to book a courier pickup or drop the parcel off at a UPS access point.
    4 You will be refunded through the original payment method once your items arrive to our warehouse and your return has been approved.

  • Can I exchange items I bought online?

    Currently, it is not possible to exchange items purchased online. You can return your items free of charge and place a new order.

  • I have already filled in the return form online and want to change it, what can I do?

    The return form cannot be modified online after it has been completed and sent. However, if you have forgotten to include any articles or you wish to remove others, you can add/remove them from the package before giving it to the delivery company. Please make sure that all the articles you wish to return are in a single delivery.

  • Can I return several different orders in the same delivery?

    Please return each order separately with the corresponding return label in order for the refund to be processed correctly.

  • Where can I find the return label?

    To be able to find and download the label, you must first complete the return procedure. You can do that by accessing the "Follow your order/return" section and clicking on the "Return request" button. You will be able to download the label directly from the details of your return after 24 hours. By clicking on the "Download the label" box, the return label will be sent to the email address associated with the order for which the return has been made. No login is necessary.

  • I have filled in and sent the return-form but have had second thoughts and wish to keep the items, what can I do?

    If you change your mind and you don’t want to return the items, you are not obligated to. The return request cannot be cancelled, but it will not affect your order. Please cancel the courier pickup in case you've scheduled it already.

Return at a pick-up point