Classic Bikini Bottoms

Medium & Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Browse our array of classic bikini bottoms to enjoy the summer months in a medium or full coverage swimsuit essential. Choose between playful prints or timeless shades, and slip on a design suited to your unique style.

Classic bikini bottoms for every occasion

Uncover the appeal of our designs by exploring our range of classic swimsuit bottoms. The fuller style allows for more freedom of movement and is ideal for active pool days spent swimming laps. Similarly, slip on our full coverage swim bottoms at the beach and enjoy the waves in optimal comfort. Searching for a slightly more revealing cut? Create modest yet youthful ensembles for your upcoming summer pool party with our side tie medium coverage bikini bottoms.

Full coverage bikini bottoms suited to every taste

Sort through our array of fun patterns and classic colors to find a pair of bikini bottoms with full coverage tailored to your style. Opt for our animal print swimwear to showcase your bold side as you lounge under the sun. For those who prefer more minimalist essentials, select a high cut in timeless black for effortless pairings. Searching for a feminine touch? Choose our full coverage bathing suit bottoms in a floral pattern complete with romantic rose detailing.

How to style your classic bikini

Create a timeless vacation uniform by pairing our ruched swimwear bottoms with a matching triangle bikini top for a coordinated look. For sunsets at the beach, slip on a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts to go over your swimsuit, remaining comfortable as the temperatures drop. Alternatively, for summer parties, complement your metallic low rise full coverage bikini bottoms with a padded push-up bikini top and crochet pants from our beachwear collection.

Selecting the right size for you

Ensure you spend your summer in optimal comfort by selecting our full coverage bikini bottoms in the correct size. Simply refer to our size guide and navigate to the product you’re searching for. Then, follow the instructions to measure your waist and hips with a tape measure, cross-referencing your measurements with the values listed in the table. Finally, browse, assured you’ll pick out the right fit for you. Uncover our classic swimsuit bottoms to find your new summer essential today!