G-String and Thong Bikini Bottoms

Thong and String Bikini Bottoms

Searching for swimsuit bottoms that display your curves and enhance your entire silhouette? Tezenis’ thong bikini bottoms are the ideal choice for a sensual look. Explore the collection to find a new style of bottoms that best suits you. 

Why choose a thong bikini bottom?

During your vacations, a thong bikini bottom can be very comfortable but also flatter your figure. Due to the reduced amount of fabric in the rear, no wedgies will bother you and your booty will appear rounder and fuller without looking indecent. Additionally, a string bikini bottom is a great choice for those looking for the perfect tan and want to minimise any lines.

G-string bikini bottom designs

Tezenis’ collection of string bikini bottoms comes in either ribbed or plain textured fabric. From the front, the swimsuit appears similar to briefs, but the back features less fabric to enhance the appearance of your behind. If you want to exaggerate your curves, pull your thong bikini bottom higher up your waist and create the illusion of a longer leg and rounder body. Discover our collection of string bikinis, available in black and red to easily match with any of our bikini tops for a tasteful result.

How to choose the right thong bikini bottoms

Tezenis’ range of thong bikini swimwear is crafted to have maximum elasticity, so you can choose how your bottoms lay on your waistline. Style them low, medium, or high-rise depending on how you want to define your curves. Alternatively, if you are not a fun of string bikinis and prefer more coverage, then explore our full collection of bikini bottoms.

How to style your G-string bikini bottoms

Thong bikini swimsuits are versatile which makes them easy to style. Their simple cut design allows you to match any top and cover-up with it. If you prefer a monochrome look, match our black string bikini with a black triangle bikini top. For a pop of color, our ribbed thong bikini and push-up top complement each other perfectly. Come across your new eye-catching bikini set in our unique, fashionable collection.