Balconette Bras

Padded and Unlined Balconette Bras

Explore our collection of balconette bras, sometimes also called balcony bras, made to flatter your natural curves, offering a rounded look and great support. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable everyday bra or a more feminine push-up design, our versatile collection features fashionable styles for every woman. Immerse yourselves in our beautiful range of fabrics, colors, and patterns.

What is a balconette bra?

A balconette bra is a piece of lingerie designed to lift your breasts naturally with their horizontal, balcony-like shape. With a more open and exposed neckline, the vintage style subtly enhances your silhouette while remaining versatile under clothing with a deeper cut. Explore our diverse collection to find the staple suited to your needs, picking out one of our simple wireless balconette bras as your go-to everyday undergarment uniform. Alternatively, our wired models are practical yet sensual and complement your underwear sets for romantic evenings.

How to find the best balconette bra for you?

Check out our recycled microfiber undergarments as an everyday unlined balconette bra to incorporate underneath your go-to outfits. If you have a larger bust and need extra support without the added volume, go for our lightly padded wired balconette bras to gently enhance your profile. Wanting to emphasize your silhouette even further? Consider our fully padded balconette bras, choosing between our neutral shades for daily pairings or our styles with lace and floral motifs suited to more sensual occasions.

What is the difference between a balconette and a demi bra?

The biggest difference between a balconette and a demi cup bra is the shape of the cups, which results in a different neckline. Our balconette bras contain cups with slightly more coverage in a sweetheart neckline, providing more support. Demi cups, however, consist of less coverage and a straighter horizontal cut that creates a square neck design. Both undergarments are ideal for underneath tops or dresses with a deeper neckline, as they ensure an invisible finish with their minimal coverage.

How to style your balconette bra

Create a more romantic ensemble by combining an elegant push-up balconette bra with a pair of matching Brazillian panties. Alternatively, if you want a comfortable and practical design, our cotton balconette bras are the perfect solution for casual wear. Style them with a pair of high-waisted panties to achieve a touch of sophistication. At last, refresh your workout gear with our T-shirt balconette bras with G-string panties for extra comfort while exercising. Explore the possibilities by sorting through our collection online today!