Balconette Bras

Padded and Non-Padded Balconette Bras

Explore Tezenis' elegant range of balconette bras offering comfortable and invisible support. Featuring various fashionable designs, a gorgeous and diverse shade range, and luxurious materials, you are sure to find your new everyday bra today!

What is a balconette bra?

A balconette bra is a piece of lingerie that kindly defines your natural breast shape by giving them a generous lift with less coverage. Available in multiple designs, our collection caters to every woman's taste, from stylish padded balconette bras for a soft uplift to natural bras without padding. Our selection also features gorgeous lined and unlined balconette bra styles for you to choose from, depending on your unique styling preferences. Shop online today and find the right balcony bra for you!

Finding the perfect fit for your balconette bra

Whether you prefer a balconette push-up bra or one without lining, it is essential to find your perfect size. With a vast size range to choose from, finding the perfect fitting bra can become a difficult and confusing task. Check out our dedicated size guide that will help you measure your bust accurately and recommend what bra will suit you and your unique measurements best. Shop our versatile and elegant collection of balconette bras today.

Beautiful balconette bras in a variety of colors and fabrics

Explore Tezenis' unique bra styles that have been specially designed with you in mind. Our delicately embroidered lace balconette bras featuring floral designs and cute fashionable patterns are a must-have in every stylish woman's closet. Alternatively, our soft mesh balconette bras are the perfect practical option that provides you with invisible and weightless support during any occasion! Discover our versatile shade range featuring bright hues, neutral shades, and classic tones, such as our timeless black balconette bras. Otherwise, check out our white balconette bras for a classic yet angelic appeal.

How to style your balconette bra

Tezenis offers endless styling possibilities; try one of our jeweled bras that are perfect for enhancing a sensual and daring outfit for your next girls' night out! For a more romantic appeal, combine an elegant black lace bra with a pair of matching Brazillian panties. Alternatively, our cotton balconette bras are the perfect solution if you want a comfortable and practical bra for casual wear. Style them with a pair of high-waisted panties to achieve a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, if you are participating in sporty activities, pair our T-shirt balconette bras with G-string underwear for extra comfort whilst exercising.