Triangle Bras

Padded and Non-Padded Triangle Bras

Emphasize your femininity and enhance the natural shape of your breasts with our triangle bras. Experience the freedom and comfort of a Tezenis bra and choose your favorites from a beautiful range of colors, prints, and fabrics.

Beautiful triangle bras in a wide range of styles

Our versatile collection of triangular bras is designed to deliver luxurious comfort to all women, regardless of their bust size. If you wish to maintain a natural volume, then our wireless triangle bras or bralettes might be the best solution. Alternatively, if you want to create the illusion of a larger size, our lightly padded or padded triangle bras can provide a flattering shape with a more visible uplift. Browse our elegant range of diverse designs and choose the most suitable one for you.

Triangle bras in beautiful fabrics and colors

Our collection features a variety of fashionable colors, comfortable fabrics and delicate detailing that is sure to meet your expectations. Discover our lace triangle bras featuring floral embroidery and refined designs, or our tulle options for a flirtier appeal. If you are looking for a breathable, everyday bra, our cotton triangle bras will become your second skin, offering unparalleled comfort. Explore our endless styles and choose from timeless black triangle bras to neutral nudes for a classic style. Alternatively, opt for daring reds or animal prints to create an edgier, fun look.

How to style your triangle bra

Whether you favor a color-coordinated look or prefer to mix and match your underwear, you can create unique pairings for every occasion with our whimsical collection of women’s panties. Pair our cotton triangle bras with seamless panties for comfortable and invisible all-day support under your office attire. Alternatively, pair a lace triangle bra with one of our feminine G-strings if you want to create a more sensual look. Finally, for women that prefer fun and creative prints, choose our floral or zebra printed bras and matching French cut panties for a more playful approach.

How to ensure a perfect fit

Finding the right bra size can be complicated. When picking a new bra, it must fit and feel comfortable with your unique measurements. For this reason, Tezenis has created a helpful size guide to walk you through the steps on how to get the most accurate measurements possible. First, put the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts, ensuring that the tape is flat at the back. Next, measure under your breasts, keeping the tape as close to the body as possible whilst making sure it is aligned at the back. Shop online today to find your favorite style.