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Are Push-Up bras obvious?

While push up bras do enlarge your busts, they do so in a way that is very natural and not obvious. In contrast to an unpadded bra, the bust will take on a very rounded and full shape that is desired by many women. Such bras can be purchased in plain or patterned designs in a vast array of cotton and lace fabrics. Alternatively, you prefer a more natural look then browse our selection of bralettes. Whichever you choose, be sure to pair it with our knickers for an all over Tezenis look!

What do Push-Up bras do?

Which bra is best loved by women that can help to enhance cleavage? The super push-up bra! The key to adding feminine appeal that complements every woman's style is the push-up bra. A timeless symbol of sensuality, it is the bra that provides the bust support that every woman needs. The lace push-up bra is every woman's ally, making each outfit feel special while giving a natural lift to the bust.

Are Push-Up bras comfortable?

Are you looking for a push-up bra that is comfortable and that can enhance your bust? Just browse the push-up bra collection in our e-shop. Tezenis is aware of the variety of body shapes, so we have decided to create a vast collection of push-bras that have been designed and crafted for all shapes, sizes, and occasions. The push-up bra is an absolute must-have for every woman's underwear drawer regardless of size or style!

Do Push-Up bras make your breasts look bigger?

Super push up bras with padding enhance your bust by a couple of cup sizes. Complete with underwire and padded cups, your breasts are pushed in and upwards to create a fuller look. Padded cups are comfortable and snug and have the added benefit of preventing your nipples from being seen. If you prefer a bra that guarantees lift without the use of padding, then check out our collection of unpadded bras.

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