French Panties

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French Panties

Looking for an alternative to your classic panties? Then try out the Tezenis french cut panties. Flirty and fitting, these panties are both classic and cool. Available in many fabrics and a rainbow of colors, we can provide a pair to suit every woman and every mood.


French cut panties are known for their superb design. Distinctive for their high-cut leg holes, french cut underwear fits and flatters. The 90s high leg trend has come back into full swing, popular for its ability to create the illusion of longer legs and body. Trendy yet timeless, these classic panties are a must!


For the days when you are feeling fierce, our patterned underwear is just the thing to match your attitude. With ladybugs, hearts, or your favorite cartoon, you can start your day with a smile when you put on your panties. Solid-colored panties are also offered in the trendiest of colors ranging from olive green to lilac purple. Purchase our underwear alongside its matching bra, for that head-to-toe coordinated look.


Our french undies come in versatile materials and fabrics to suit all your needs. French cut cotton underwear is ideal for sport or everyday wear. Its breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable all day long, perfect for long wear or lots of movement. Mesh is a symbol of seduction; sheer and soft it provides both a great look and a great touch. To appear both delicate and divine, our lace boyshorts enhance that feminine feeling.


French cut panties provide a hit of cheekiness in their coverage, showing a little but not too much. If less coverage is more your style, then cheeky panties are perfect. Still too much fabric for you? Then try out our thongs instead, for little to no coverage.

49 items

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