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Women’s Yoga and Pilates Clothing

Get ready for your upcoming studio session by refreshing your activewear with our Pilates and yoga apparel. From form-fitting leggings to breathable, loose shirts, find what your closet needs today!

Women’s yoga pants in various cuts

Enjoy your upcoming class in a loose uniform by slipping on our flare yoga pants that gently flow outwards below the knee. For those who prefer more form-hugging garments, consider instead our sporty yet fashionable leggings in a tighter fit that gently hugs your curves as you move through your poses. Searching for less coverage? Ensure enhanced breathability with our yoga shorts to remain cool during your weekly hot studio session.

Women’s Pilates & yoga tops suited to every style

Choose optimal versatility by incorporating our basic white yoga T-shirt that effortlessly pairs with your favorite workout ensembles. Alternatively, showcase your bold side by opting for a patterned Pilates shirt in sleeveless cuts and fun shades to contrast against your printed pants. For those wanting a more minimalist addition, uncover our sports crop tops in neutral hues that complement your go-to Pilates pants in earthy tones.

Absolute must-haves to complete your pilates or yoga outfit

Add a layer of insulation as you arrive at your winter yoga classes by selecting a pair of our short sports socks in cotton, ideal for warm up exercises. Ensure optimal performance during your reformer session with our Pilates socks with grips that keep you stable. Searching for an outer essential to keep you protected from the cold? Wrap up with our yoga jacket or a hoodie for enhanced comfort before and after your studio activity.

Styling your new activewear

Achieve a chic, head-to-toe coordinated outfit by matching your Pilates leggings with a crop top and sweatshirt in the same shade. For outdoor yoga, ensure optimal breathability in the summer months by pairing your biker shorts with a flowy shirt. Alternatively, slip on our Pilates jumpsuit and sleek sandals, styling your hair in a low bun for an effortlessly chic outfit suited to coffee runs after class. Explore our complete collection to refresh your Pilates and yoga wear online today!

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