3Bee x Tezenis

In partnership with 3Bee, the agri-tech company specialized in developing beekeeper-supporting systems, the "Pollinate the Planet" project was born.
This monitoring and data analysis program allows the protection of the health of the bees, responsible of more than 80% of the supply chain and of the preservation of biodiversity of ecosystems.

We work on safeguerding

  • 167
  • 60
    for each hive
  • 60
    for each hive

Together with 3Bee, we installed the exclusive system Hive Tech to remote monitor and diagnosis of hives. Each Hive Tech protects 60 thousand bees and pollinates 60 millions flowers, preserving the nearby biodiversity.
Our goal is to safeguard more than 10 millions bees!

You too can contribute: with a minimum purchase of kr500 or buying an item of 3BEE collection with organic cotton, you can protect 100 bees!
Through our map you can follow the growth and development of Tezenis' bees anytime.

Bees: did you know?

  • The pollinating action of bees has been allowing the reproduction of a lot of plants for over 30 millions years, keeping the balance of ecosystems and preserving biodiversity.

  • They have an active role in the recovery of the almost desertified areas and in the direct and indirect absorption of carbon dioxide.

  • Because of the negative impact of the human being on the environment bees risk to disappear. If so, we won't be able to eat most of the food we find each day on our desk anymore.

  • In 10 years, 10 millions hives disappeared.
    Because of pesticides, diseases and climate change, in just 30 years the world's bees population has been reduced of almost 40%

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