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Loyalty card
  • What is the "Tezenis Talent" loyalty card and why should I sign up?

    It is a loyalty programme that enables members to collect points on a digital card called "Tezenis Talent". It provides cardholders with exclusive advantages and gives them the opportunity to reach three different STATUSES by accumulating points through purchases in our stores, online and via the app (after logging into your account). The customer can also accumulate points by logging into the app and participating in different activities. You can find the rules in full here.

  • How do I subscribe to the "Tezenis Talent" programme?

    Below are two different ways in which you can subscribe:
    - On our website: if you subscribe directly on our site and register correctly, you will receive a registration email with the digital card codes within 24 hours. Registration must be carried out directly on our Tezenis site..
    - Via the Tezenis app: by completing the registration process on the app you can access your account and your digital card.

  • I am not able to complete the "Tezenis Talent" loyalty card subscription, what should I do?

    Contact our Customer Service by email in order to complete the registration.

  • How can I add points to my "Tezenis Talent" card?

    Remember to provide your identity before the receipt is issued, by presenting your digital "Tezenis Talent" Card via the app or by providing the surname and name used to activate this account. Loyalty points will automatically be loaded onto your card with each purchase in one of the participating "Tezenis" points of sale, via the website or app (after logging in), to the value of one point for each rounded euro spent by default (E.g. 1.99 euro = 1 point). You can find the rules in full here.

  • When will the points accumulated on my "Tezenis Talent" card appear?

    The points will be loaded and appearing on the system between 24 hours and 15 days after the transaction date (online and in stores). If after this time you still do not see the additional points, check that the card has been correctly linked to the last purchase (if in store). If the purchase has not been correctly linked to the card or your account, the points will not be counted. With regard to extra points linked to activities available on the app, don't forget to request them after completing each activity. The points will be loaded and appearing on the system between 24 hours and 15 days after the request.

  • If I make a purchase using a gift card, will the points be credited to me?

    Issuing the "Tezenis Gift Card" will generate the credit of points. Subsequent purchases paid partially/totally with the Gift Card therefore, will not generate any credit points for the value part of the receipt paid with the Gift Card. You can find the rules in full here.

  • If I make an exchange in-store or a return online, will the points I have acquired be deducted?

    As indicated by our terms, returns will generate the debit of the points according to the same criterion as the credit. For more details you can consult the rules here.

  • How do I unsubscribe from the "Tezenis Talent" programme?

    You can request to be removed from the loyalty programme in the loyalty section of the app or on the site.
    Alternatively, you can request to be removed by contacting Customer Service sending your request to the email address or by contacting the number 025862361 (The number is subject to a charge. Subject to national call costs, the cost depends on the telephone operator.).