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calzedonia group traceability calzedonia group traceability
Year founded
Verona, ITALIA
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Calzedonia s.p.a. - Castagnaro

The logistics hub of Castagnaro was established in 2005, and expanded just over two years later to cope with the rapid rise in sales volumes. The Castagnaro area now occupies a total of 64,000 square metres, and handles all the retail and e-commerce shipping of Tezenis and Falconeri. The plant is located approximately 60 kilometres from the headquarters in Verona and a few kilometres from the motorway, in an area convenient for the main couriers and forwarding agents, to guarantee maximum speed and efficiency.

calzedonia group traceability
Box handling
calzedonia group traceability
Loading bay
calzedonia group traceability
Garments scan throught RFID reading system
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Picking bay

Our people

200 people are employed in Castagnaro, 134 of whom are women. The logistics hub guarantees secure employment for people living in the surrounding area, also offering the opportunity for promotion within the company. Canteen services are guaranteed for all employees, as well as the opportunity to take professional development and language courses. Mobility and stretching courses are also organised, provided by specialised physiotherapists, with the aim of improving the physical health and wellbeing of employees.

Respect for the environment

calzedonia group traceability

A signature feature of the Castagnaro hub is the strong focus on technologies and respect for the surrounding environment, with a view to on-going improvement, in line with the company’s principles. Confirmation of this is the “ISO 50001 – Energy management systems” certification held by the warehouse, where renewable electricity is produced by solar panels installed in 2011, and only LED lights are used in the establishment, which cuts energy consumption. Also planned is the installation of heat pumps for the climate control of all the work environments, so that the hub is able to run exclusively on electricity from renewable sources, thus reducing CO2e emissions to zero.

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