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Year founded
Verona, ITALIA
Operation Category

Tibel s.p.a

Tibel was established in 1980 amid the mountains of the Adige Valley, in the village of Brentino Belluno. The dyeing plant was purchased in 2007, taking advantage of the local synergies created thanks to the proximity to the main headquarters and the logistics hubs. Following the acquisition, the entire plant was renovated, comprising a radical modernisation of the machinery and substantial improvements with regard to water purification. Since then, Tibel’s state-of-the-art organisation and equipment has allowed it to stand up well to the main competition, both financially and in terms of service quality. The factory employs a total of 100 people, working eight-hour shifts.

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Fabric warehouse
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Creation of dye recipe
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Dyeing process
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Fabric to dye
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Dyeing machinery
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Fabric dye
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Dyed fabric
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Fabric stabilization
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Fabric stabilization

Attention to the community

Tibel is perfectly integrated into the social fabric of the area, and supports a number of local activities, thanks to its relations with volunteer associations and local municipal bodies.

Respect for the environment

The factory pays close attention to the efficient use of resources, with dyeing systems that save on water consumption and stenters with heat recovery systems, which – combined with careful environmental management – reduce the plant’s impact to levels below those required by current legislation. In addition, lighting in the plant is provided by LED-type bulbs throughout.
Electricity needs are met solely through the purchase of energy from renewable sources, thus avoiding the emission of around 1,000 tonnes of CO2e per year and in the coming months, a photovoltaic system will be installed for the production of renewable electricity.
These commitments are testified to by the following certifications: “ISO 14001 – environmental management system”, “ISO 45001 – safety management system” and “ISO 50001 – energy management system”.

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