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Strapless and Bandeau Bras

Women's Strapless Bras

Tezenis has a vast collection of bandeau bras that combine comfort and elegance: one-of-a-kind bandeau bras for one-of-a-kind women! The Tezenis bandeau bra is your best ally when it comes to wearing tops and dresses without ever having to compromise on full freedom of movement and practicality.

What is a bandeau bra?

A bandeau bra is ideal for women with smaller breasts to medium cup sizes due to the wireless feature, it provides support with or without the padding and no wiring. It works seamlessly with any outfit you wish to wear, it is the ultimate companion that is guaranteed not to pinch, tug or pull at your skin.

What is the purpose of a bandeau bra?

A bandeau is available in two styles: a strapless padded bra or a strapless non-padded version. A padded bandeau bra gives volume to your breasts whilst giving you discreet support under a dress or top. A non-padded style is designed for women with smaller breasts due to the unnecessary wiring in a normal bra and can be worn as a tube top with high-waisted jeans or shorts.

How to wear a tube bra?

Wear a lace bandeau bra with matching knickers to achieve a cute lingerie set, perfect under any outfit. Wear a bandeau at home under your favourite nightwear for the perfect lounging style. Wear your bandeau as a top to have complete breathability in the summer months. A bandeau bra with support is always necessary under a strapless top or dress for discreet assistance.

How should a strapless bra fit?

A strapless bra should fit like any other, ensuring it sits firmly on your back, this will provide you with the necessary support and enhancement that you desire. To avoid any unwanted movement or falling, make sure your bandeau fits your bust correctly, our silicone elastic ensures greater adherence. Refer to our size guide to allocate your measurements and use our step by step guide for assistance.

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