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calzedonia group traceability calzedonia group traceability

Supply Chain

Production plants that produce
of the garments

The attention paid to people and to the environment that surrounds us, is part of our DNA, right since the first steps of our company. In the long-term, the interests coincide. This is the principle that guides our activities, always focused on the medium/long-term. For this reason, since 1998, we have started to established our production plants which are still part of our company.

This decision entails both responsibility and opportunity.
Responsibility because we manage the conditions of employment and services supplied to employees and collaborators directly, as well as taking full responsibility for compliance with environmental and safety standards.
Opportunity because ownership of the plants makes it possible to coordinate manufacture with other phases of the chain and a more in-depth knowledge of the social fabric in which the companies operate and any possible critical issues.

For this reason in the entire supply chain we aim to:

  • Comply with the highest safety, health and environmental protection standards.

  • Offer optimal working conditions

  • Provide adequate wages and contributing, as much as possible, to the growth of the communities that host the companies.

Our Logistic plants